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An iconic Shoreline building gets a new life

Posted at 9:52 PM, Jun 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-21 22:55:23-04

Last month, I became more than a little concerned when I spotted the infamous “Camacho” demolition container sitting beside the old Shoreline Terrace Motor Hotel.

Was this iconic bayfront building getting ready to come down? I drove around the block to get a second look, and it appeared that new windows had been installed on the north side of the building. That’s when I realized this looked more like a major renovation than a demolition.

From its construction in 1947 until 1984, the distinctive look, and early pink color, of the Shoreline Terrace Hotel was one of those buildings that one does not easily forget.


Corpus has very few distinctive and unique-looking buildings, but this is surely one of those few.

The five-story hotel was built by Jones F. Blanchard and his sister, Mrs. Grady Walker, for $135,000. The architect was Mr. W. B. Rouse, and the contractor was C. C. Hinchberger.

The “hotel” consisted of 15 “bachelor” apartments, 14 one and two-bedroom apartments with open terraces, and 9 “efficiency” apartments.

Not only is the building unique in appearance, but it has some history behind it.


In 1963, an episode of the hugely popular TV show "Route 66" was filmed on location in Corpus Christi.

The show's star, Martin Milner, stayed in the Terrace mainly because he had his family (wife and 3 young children) with him, and the Terrace had kitchenettes where Mrs. Milner could cook their meals. Actress Jayne Mansfield also stayed here in 1958 when she was the star attraction of the Buccaneer Parade.

Screenshot 2023-06-21 131349.jpg

The hotel closed its doors in August 1984.

After 37 years, it was in pretty sad shape. It was put up for sale and purchased by Murray Land Development.


In January of 1985, the group sought Industrial Development funds for a planned $3.6 million renovation of the building, turning it into a first-class office complex.

The cost to renovate was far more than the cost to demolish and rebuild, but the new owners considered the building a Corpus Christi landmark whose aesthetic and historic value justified saving it.

Funds were obtained, and the renovation began on October 28, 1985.

The renovation added a sixth floor and more terraces to the original building. The new Shoreline Terrace Office Complex opened in August 1986.

Hopefully, this iconic Shoreline landmark will be around for a few more decades.


Robert Parks is a special contributor to KRIS 6 News. Parks was a history teacher at Carroll High School for 19 years and is now retired. His knowledge of Corpus Christi history makes him a unique expert in the subject.