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Local business owner: Semi-trucks are blocking parking lots, tearing up roads

Posted at 6:29 PM, Jan 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-30 19:36:20-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The business owners on Apollo Road said, on most days, the road that leads to their businesses is full of semi-trucks, and they said it's all because of their neighbor.

“They've been parking up in the street, taking up all the street area,” said Gordon Hightower, who owns a neighboring business.

Hightower and his wife own Williford’s Appliance Service. They've been there for over 30 years, but in the past several months they say CC Wrecker Service has made it hard for them to access part of the street.

“They've also been blocking my driveway, and also my dumpster,” he said.

He said sometimes his employees cars end up blocked in and trapped in the Williford's parking lot. On top of that, he said, the semis are tearing up the roads.

“Our roads are horrible out here,” Hightower said. “And now they've got trucks that are leaking oil really bad.”

Action 10 News spoke to CC Wrecking Service's business manager Monet, who said she's done everything she can to accommodate her neighbors.

She said she's moved the company's trucks when neighbors ask her to, and she said they've cleaned up the spills their trucks may have made.

Hightower said he's called the Corpus Christi Police Department's Code Enforcement Division several times, but today, CCPD told us blocking driveways or traffic that way is not a code violation but rather a traffic violation.

CCPD recommends a business call the police non-emergency number at (361) 886-2600 if there are any vehicles blocking roads or access to parking lots.