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Body camera footage released of response to California rail yard shooting

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Posted at 11:44 AM, Jun 02, 2021

Authorities released new body camera footage of the rail yard shooting in northern California where a gunman killed nine co-workers last week. 

The footage is from a deputy who arrived within minutes after the shooting was first reported.

Shots were still being fired at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority bus and rail yard in San Jose.

A team of deputies and San Jose officers was immediately formed to find the gunman.

The team moved through the building and eventually found the gunman who had shot and killed himself.

The moment officers find the suspected gunman is in the video, though it's blurred due to the graphic nature.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said about 100 workers were on-site that morning and she believes the quick response prevented the loss of more lives. 

This story was originally published by Alex Livingston and Robin Dich at Newsy.