Why the Electrical Industry Sees a Bright Future

9:14 AM, Aug 01, 2018
10:15 AM, Jun 12, 2019

We hear all the time that the changing nature of today’s world affects the trajectory of certain careers. If we’re smart, we plan accordingly for a future that will be fruitful with opportunity for years to come.

So what about the electrical industry as a career path? How can you tell if it will remain a smart option for people looking to begin or change careers?

All signs point to yes! Here are 5 reasons to be optimistic about the electrical industry:

1. Utility companies are on the brink of change

The old model of utility companies will soon be fading as new types of energy become more prominent. New energy sources such as wind and solar will demand that utility companies are structured differently. In fact, sources say that consumers will have more choice when shopping utility companies in the future, citing the “decentralization” of power hubs.

According to the World Economic Forum, we can expect this shift toward power generation to accelerate. The future clearly favors electricity that’s generated and stored in close proximity to where it’s used.

2. Energy will be more in demand than ever as the population of the world grows

With more than seven billion people on the planet, powering society is no small feat and never will be. According to the World Economic Forum, global demand for energy will increase 30 percent by 2030. Looks like no one will be retiring their tablets, smartphones, televisions and bedside lamps any time soon!

3. More people will likely have power than in the past

About 2 billion people worldwide currently lack access to any source of reliable energy. That’s a shocking figure, but many are optimistic that the gap will start to close in the future. Cleaner sources of power and greater global access to those clean sources will help more people have what some of us take for granted.

4. Aging infrastructure will need to be updated

Old and outdated power plants, transformer facilities and distribution systems need updating, and that means jobs. Keeping up with emerging industry trends, including less use of coal and oil power and more wind, solar and renewable energy power, gives job seekers an edge in the industry and make them more valuable.

5. The aging workforce of the electrical industry equals opportunity

The World Economic Forum also points out that the aging workforce is a concern. In fact, it was listed as one of the top three concerns related to power, along with aging infrastructure and updating the existing utility model. In other words, it’s a prime time for college graduates and others who are considering a career in the electrical industry to seize the opportunity and become part of a shifting reality.

Looking for a varied, exciting career that’s in high demand both now and in the future? Visit the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers website at IBEW.org to find out more.

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