4 Ways to Protect Your Windows During a Hurricane

4:01 PM, Jul 31, 2018
1:14 PM, Jun 12, 2019

Hurricane season is here, and with it comes the rush to prepare for the months to come. Corpus Christi residents know what kind of destruction to expect from the impending hurricane season, especially after Hurricane Harvey’s devastating impact last August, but do you know the best ways to prepare? Windows and doors are extremely susceptible to wind damage, and are most vulnerable to repeat damage caused by multiple storms. So how can residents protect their windows for the months to come?

Check out these four ways to protect your windows during a hurricane:

1. Get Hurricane Windows    

The best way to properly protect your windows during a hurricane is by installing high-performance hurricane windows and impact windows. These windows are especially engineered to withstand extreme wind and weather conditions. Hurricane windows from Window World let you enjoy the beauty of Corpus Christi’s coastal regions without compromising your safety. Their rigorously tested windows meet or exceed the stringent building codes required for many coastal areas, including those of the Texas Department of Insurance.

2. Metal or Plastic Storm Panels

Covering your windows with storm panels is one of the best ways to ensure minimal damage during a hurricane. While plywood is one of the cheapest options, many state building codes do not approve of it as hurricane protection because it can be easily blown in and cause more damage if not secured correctly. Other options, like metal or plastic storm panels, are stronger because the individual corrugated panels overlap one another, providing strong resistance to outside debris. Additionally, while these are more expensive, some types of storm panels actually let in light, even during a storm. Installing metal or plastic storm panels is a great way to protect your windows properly and efficiently during a hurricane.  

3. Trim Your Trees

Anything can break your windows during a hurricane, including debris from your own trees and landscaping. This debris can beat down on your windows repeatedly during a storm, or can even come sailing through your window. This can lead to flooding and water damage that could take weeks to repair. Even if your trees seem to be far away from your windows, trimming the limbs or loose branches will keep them from snapping in high winds and blowing into your house. By trimming, you are not only helping prevent damage to your home during hurricane season, but damage to cars and other homes as well.

4. Hurricane Film

Hurricane film is an easy way to protect your windows and your home. It is a clear plastic film that you can place on your windows. Hurricane film can be in place year-round without obstructing your view, and some can even block ultraviolet rays as well. This option can even be installed DIY. By placing the film on your windows, you can help keep glass shards from blowing into your home should the window break. However, the film doesn’t prevent the entire window from being blown in, making it a possibly ineffectual option for stronger, larger storms.

To find out more about how you can protect your windows during the upcoming hurricane season or have hurricane windows installed, contact Window World at (361) 265-8021 or visit WindowWorldTX.com.

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