What to Do If You’re Locked Out of Your Car

8:56 AM, Aug 01, 2018
10:14 AM, Jun 12, 2019

Getting locked out of the car is no fun, especially when you’re on vacation or spring break. Instead of laying out on the beach or hitting the road for a trip, you’re frozen, panicking, or trying to do the math on how much this is all going to cost.

Depending on your situation, you have several options. Here’s who can help you get into your car if you find yourself in such a sticky situation:

1. Call the local police or fire department if you’re in danger or need to get into you car right away

If you’ve locked a child or pet inside a car on a hot day, or if you or someone else is in danger for any reason, it’s best to call 911. This isn’t a situation where you should wait, so contact emergency services ASAP.

2. Call a friend or family member who has the spare

Keeping a spare key in a safe place is a great idea. It’s even better to give that spare key to a trusted friend or family member, since that person can easily drive over to you and unlock your car. Just don’t forget to thank them profusely after they’re done.

3. Call for roadside assistance, if you have it

If your vehicle’s insurance policy includes roadside assistance, this is definitely a time to use it. Find the number on your insurance card, which (let’s hope) you didn’t lock inside your vehicle with your keys. Better yet, use your insurer’s mobile app to request assistance.

Many car manufacturers also offer roadside assistance during your vehicle’s warranty period, so this could be an option if your car is relatively new. Just be sure that your warranty actually covers this service before making the call.

You (or your parents) might have also subscribed to AAA. Unlocking cars is one of AAA’s most frequently requested services. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, AAA receives calls from more than 4 million locked-out motorists each year.

4. Call on your own DIY skills to get your car open

While searching YouTube for “how to break into your own car” might seem like a move of pure desperation, you might be able to legally break into your vehicle with the right tools.

Proceed with extreme caution. These methods don’t always work – and can cause lasting physical damage to your car! Also, if you have a newer vehicle with certain anti-theft features, breaking in can make things worse by causing the car to go into a “lockdown” mode, leaving it unable to start without help from a mechanic.

5. Call a 24/7, always-on-call locksmith who knows exactly how to help

Corpus Christi’s Pop-A-Lock is your local locksmith source and is available for everything from unlocking your car to providing flat-tire service and jump starts. Plus, if you run out of gas, no problem! Someone can bring gas directly to you. Also, they are trusted experts in making car keys and programming key fobs. They can also assist with home or apartment services like installing new locks, duplicating keys, or helping with lockouts.

Serving Corpus Christi and over a dozen surrounding areas, Pop-A-Lock offers free quotes, and for any emergency situations like child lock outs, getting you safely back with your loved ones is always free.

Visit PopALockCorpusChristi.com for more information or call 24/7 at 361-851-6736.

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