Local Music School Promotes Children’s Development through Music Lessons

2:39 PM, Jun 22, 2018
10:27 AM, Jun 14, 2019

What is your child doing this summer? Are they visiting family, playing video games, or just hanging out at home? Musician’s Academy has students of a variety of ages whom have all benefited greatly from taking lessons with them. Our affordable lessons will allow parents to keep their children active, entertained and educated this summer by enrolling them in private music lessons such as guitar, piano, violin, drums, woodwinds, and even vocals.    

Our students take one or two lessons per week and practice a weekly assignment to gauge their progress. Learning an instrument is fun and keeps the brain stimulated which allows your child to grow academically and socially. The way a daily visit to the gym keeps the body in shape, music lessons do the same thing for the brain. Below are a few of the benefits of taking music lessons with us at Musician’s Academy.

1. Learning Music Enhances Cognitive Abilities

Learning an instrument is much more complicated than just picking it up and playing a song. The student must memorize notes, learn to read music, listen to rhythms, play a steady beat, and recognize a change in pitch or speed. All of these things have proven to enhance the cognitive abilities of our students.   

2. Promotes Determination and Discipline

Learning to play an instrument takes discipline. You cannot learn how to properly play an instrument over night.  Learning how to correctly play an instrument takes a lot of time, effort, patience and practice. By having our instructors set specific goals, your child will learn to create their own goals. When goals are met, the child is able to appreciate hard work and understands the concept of achievement. 

3. Improves Coordination

Playing an instrument requires the brain to work at advanced speeds. Written music has to be translated in the brain in order to physically playing the instrument. People who play instruments generally have better developed hand and eye coordination over those who do not and this has been seen in our students.

4. Improves Reading and Comprehension Skills

Learning and playing music requires constant reading and conversion to music. A note must be identified and played in a particular pitch.  The note does not just translate to a sound but also the length of the sound, how loudly to play the sound, and how smooth, short or crisp the sound should be. Learning to play an instrument and read music is a talent that translates into better comprehension skills and attention to detail.  

5. Creates Responsibility and Commitment

Instruments require regular maintenance whether it is simple cleaning, tuning, or part identification. This creates a level of responsibility and commitment that goes along with the discipline of setting time aside to practice through the duration of the week. 

Music lessons are a personal investment to grow academically, socially, and personally. 

Our mission at Musicians Academy is to provide professional quality music education in a community-centered environment in order to equip students of all ages with the foundational skills necessary to enjoy and appreciate music for lifetime.

Enroll your child or yourself today for music lessons at Musician’s Academy, Corpus Christi’s largest private music school whom have been serving the Coastal Bend and surrounding areas since 2005. Owner Danny Pena and his highly qualified staff are ready to help all students reach their musical goals.

Call Musician’s Academy at (361) 993-3428.

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