3 Things You Must Know About Hospice Care

3:59 PM, Jun 20, 2018
10:10 AM, Jun 14, 2019

Realizing that a family member or loved one needs special care as the end of life approaches is never an easy moment. However, learning more about hospice care and the valuable support this compassionate service provides can be a source of comfort to families during an otherwise confusing and even fearful time. Here’s what you need to know:

1. What is hospice?

Hospice is specialized care for the terminally ill. Legacy Hospice in Corpus Christi, Texas, empowers patients so they can carry on an alert, pain-free life under the compassionate care of expertly trained healthcare professionals. Hospice care promotes dignity and making the most of the quality of life for every patient.

2. Where does hospice care take place?

Most often hospice care is provided in the patient’s or a relative’s home through home visits and consultations. When hospice home care begins, the hospice team educates the family on how to provide day-to-day care for their loved one. Hospice care can also be provided in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted livings homes.

3. How is hospice care provided?

Hospice care is provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals including physicians, nurses, nurse aides, social workers, therapists, spiritual care staff and volunteers. Their combined expertise enables comprehensive care for all aspects of a patient’s needs: physical, emotional and spiritual.

When a patient is admitted to Legacy’s Hospice program, an individualized plan of care is developed. The physician then works with the hospice team to control pain and manage symptoms. Nurse aides help provide personal care for the patient and the rest of the hospice team provides spiritual and emotional support. 

Legacy Hospice was founded on a philosophy of care that focuses on supporting the patient in the final phases of a terminal illness. The goal is to enable patients to be comfortable and free of pain, so that they may live each day as fully as possible. Palliative care and spiritual care are fundamental to Legacy Hospice, and hospice team members include registered nurses, licensed medical social workers, chaplains, volunteers and qualified physicians.

Learn more about theLegacy Hospice service, which includes palliative care and spiritual care to help the patient live each day as fully as possible. 

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