The 9 People on Your Inpatient Rehab Team (And Why They Are Awesome)

9:35 AM, Jun 21, 2018
8:20 AM, Jun 14, 2019

Rehabilitation from serious injury or illness is different for everyone. The best care plan is tailored to an individual, developed jointly by the patient, family and caregivers and monitored by an interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals. 

The goal for the patient: to gain independent function, improve quality of life and learn how to get back to living safely at home and in the community. 

Acute inpatient rehabilitation programs, such as the one at Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital, are designed to help patients return home at the highest level of independence possible.

In fact, research shows that patients treated in rehab hospitals live longer, have fewer hospital and ER visits and remain longer in their homes without additional services. Here are the skilled professionals responsible for helping patients regain physical or cognitive abilities

1. Rehabilitation physician:

A physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation serves as the primary physician during the patient’s stay. The physician leads the treatment team delivering a personalized, progressive rehabilitation program. Patients also may be seen by other physicians to maximize their recovery.

2. Rehabilitation nurse:

The primary nurse manages treatment and personalizes the plan of care based upon a patient’s specific medical needs.

3.Patient care technicians:

Patient care technicians provide consistency and continuity of the nursing and therapy care each patient receives.

4. Case manager:

The case manager tracks a patient’s progress and works with the physician to meet a patient’s needs. The case manager coordinates any care required after discharge, such as outpatient treatment, home care and equipment. The case manager also is available to discuss insurance coverage and billing questions.

5.Physical Therapist:

The physical therapist helps each patient work on any specific weakness, lack of mobility, movement, balance and stamina.

6. Occupational Therapists:

An occupational therapist assists the patient in learning to carry out activities of daily living, including eating and meal preparation, personal hygiene, dressing and housekeeping.

7. Speech-Language Pathologist:

A speech-language pathologist assists the patient with any challenges that may hinder the ability to read, write, speak, swallow, understand or focus. Individual, group and specialized techniques are available to help enhance these skills.

8. Respiratory Therapist:

Respiratory therapists provide specialized treatment to improve a patient’s pulmonary function.

9. Dietitian:

A dietitian ensures that a patient’s therapeutic diet provides the nutrition required to help with a course of therapy. The dietitian also provides the patient and family members with guidelines to follow at home.

Corpus Christi Rehabilitation Hospital, the only freestanding acute rehabilitation hospital in Corpus Christi, ranks among the top 10 percent in the U.S. for rehabilitation care. 

Designed solely for the provision of specialized rehabilitative care, the facility provides a comfortable and responsive environment for patients who have functional deficits as a result of debilitating illnesses or injuries. 

The patient, passionate care provided by inpatient rehabilitation programs at Corpus Christ Rehabilitation hospital helps patients recover quickly and return home with a renewed sense of self-sufficiency.

To learn more about the hospital’s rehabilitation programs and care, please visit theCCRH website.a

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