Over 290 Children in Corpus Christi Without Homes

3:07 PM, Jun 22, 2018
1:35 PM, Jun 27, 2019

</p><p>“We desperately need more foster homes in the Coastal Bend,” says Osiris Canedo, regional director of Benchmark Family Services.  “In the past three months, we have not been able to open new homes for the 290 children in need of a loving home.  We’ve only been able to provide a home for six children in Corpus Christi.”

Benchmark Family Services is committed to finding loving homes for the youth.  Most of the children are in need of therapeutic foster parents because most of these children have seen far more than many of us have ever seen. Some have been severely abused and neglected.  Canedo informs potential foster parents that it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or nervous during the placements of children in your home.  “Benchmark Family Services helps to train and empower you to care for these youth, while providing ongoing support that you need to help them succeed.  We need you to be their miracle.”

“We currently have a foster parent that took in a child who is 9 years old, with physical and verbal aggressive behaviors, and had no social skills. This child also had daily bed wetting incidents. Currently this child is doing great academically, loves to practice mathematics at school and with his foster parent on a daily basis and is also part of the reading program in school. He recently won first place at his reading contest. He is doing great in all areas, academically and is an honor roll student. This child has tremendously improved his social skills and loves to be involved in family reunions and visits with neighbors and friends with his foster parent. This child has adapted tremendously to this home, his behavioral issues have diminished 90% and he is learning how to use the restroom appropriately during the night with assistance of his foster parent.”

“This single foster parent who took in this 9 year old is additionally caring for a sibling group of 3, who she currently accepted as an emergency placement.  She expanded her bed availability as well as her age capacity to 17 years in order to keep the siblings together. It is a great blessing to have foster parents that go the extra mile!  This foster parent shares it is a blessing to hear the giggle from the kiddos and feels very fulfilled and rewarded by serving these youth in care and making a difference in their life.”

Ms. Contreras, a widowed single mother shares, “this journey in life is a fabulous experience!” She stated she believes her husband whispered in our Lord’s ear to guide her in this direction. She then shared “I am fulfilled and blessed.” 

Together they urge more adults to take a leap into a new direction of life by becoming a foster parent and saving a lost child.  Sign up today for more information at https://benchmarkfamilyservices.org/foster-parent-signup/ or call Osiris Canedo at (361) 444-4977. If you are interested in directly applying to become a foster parent, click here.  Even if you think you aren’t eligible to become a foster parent, call us because you’ll never know until you call.

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