It’s A Jungle in Here! Battling South Texas Humidity in Your Home

2:55 PM, Jun 22, 2018
2:08 PM, Jun 12, 2019

Does the air in your house feel a bit clammy? Is your air conditioner running constantly but the house doesn’t seem to cool down?

If you’re sweating your way through another muggy summer, your HVAC unit may be to blame. AAA Air Conditioning and Heating explains a few main issues that can make home owners feel like they are living in a tropical jungle.

#1: Your AC unit is too large for the space

Bigger is not always better.  An oversized AC system does a poor job of controlling temperature due to the size of the compressor.  The unit will turn on frequently which never allows the system to run long enough to effectively cool down the house and remove humidity from the air.

The size necessary for your home should be professionally selected and installed.  AAA Air Conditioning and Heating  employs professionally qualified and experienced technicians to consult with homeowners on the size of their unit and options to combat humidity issues. 

#2: Negative air pressure

Negative air pressure is due to a poor ventilation system.  This means you are venting too much air from the space.

When outside air is brought in to the house, it is drawn in through every opening of the home.  A simple opening of the door to the outside can send a gust of warm air into the home.  That air travels to every part of the home.  The Coastal Bend climate carries a high percentage of humidity which may be difficult for the HVAC system manage.   

It is very important to ensure there aren’t openings in the ventilation system, or holes in the home to let in outside air, and the correct number of vents located in the home.  Have a professional from AAA Air Conditioning inspect your home. 

#3: Wrong thermostat setting

Leaving the “Fan On” setting may seem like a great idea to keep the air circulating and the home cool.

Unfortunately, the only outcome of this setting is that the fan WILL continue to move the air without the AC running BUT you are making the humidity conditions worse.   The moisture the AC removed can be let back into the house before it has the chance to drain away. 

#4: Your older unit simply can’t handle the load

As time goes on, the parts on your HVAC unit will wear.  The unit may not run as efficiently as it did,  especially when the unit has not be properly and regularly maintained.  AAA Air Conditioning and Heating offers affordable maintenance plans to keep your unit working longer. Without it, homeowners will eventually notice inconsistent temperatures and inadequate cooling.  Your skin will definitely feel clammy, the hair will frizz, and the humidity will rise.

At this point, it is important to think about the pros and cons of repairing the old unit or replacing it with a more reliable and efficient system.  AAA Air Conditioning and Heating is a local HVAC company that has served homeowners and commercial customers for over 25 years, with state of the art equipment manufactured in the U.S.A.   Trust an HVAC company that knows how to maximize the efficiency of your unit to control South Texas humidity.

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