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Troubleshooters: The DA Speaks On Unscrupulous Contractors

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Many of you call the Troubleshooters with complaints against the same contractor or repairman.  Sometimes we're able to contact them, and they say they're going to "take care of it" but never do.

So we've asked the Nueces County DA for help.  What can he do to both stop the contractors and help the victims?   

"Mr. Gonzalez, there's a contractor who ripped me off.  I paid him so much money and he did a little bit of the job, and then I never heard from him again.  And I hear this all the time.  And I'm sure you do too," he told us about the calls he gets.  And boy do we!

Augustin Balboa, Trinidad Puente and Johnston Transmission to name a few.  And more than once.  "That's what's happening with contractors," Gonzalez said.  "That's what's happening with repair guys, and I think it's time that we do something about it."    

Ok, so how can you help the DA's office prosecute these type of cases?  First, Gonzalez recommends everybody be smart when dealing with contractors and repair guys.  Second, save all documents, receipts, or paperwork.  Third, save all texts and communication with them.  And then call CCPD with your complaint.

"We're not going to take a stance that it's a civil matter anymore.  We're gonna take it as a criminal one."  That's another thing.  Many of you tell us police tell you your complaint is a civil matter. 

Now Gonzalez warns the amount of money allegedly taken is a factor in whether his office pursues the case.  So what happens if it's presented to a jury of your peers?

"It's been 8 months, and you've been calling him 50 times and he's never come around.  We'll see if that's good enough.  If that's going to be an excuse that the community's going to say 'alright, we'll let that slide.'  I don't think that's going to happen."  

Bottom line Gonzalez says contractors or repairmen should resolve issues with their past clients, otherwise his office will do what they can to hold them accountable.  

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