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Troubleshooters Special Report: Coleen Walker

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We continue our special month-long Troubleshooter reports on a Portland man who's also a convicted felon allegedly running a real estate business without a license. 

Last week, Jesse and Thelma Lopez told their story to the Troubleshooters.  How they bought their first home from Fred Rich nearly nine years ago only to discover discrepancies in their payments.

"I've already paid one-hundred-and one-thousand-dollars since '09 and of that one-hundred-and-one-thousand, twelve-hundred is my principal.  So if you don't call that theft, I don't know what you call theft," Lopez told us.  

Tonight, in an explosive interview, a woman who says she worked for Rich, tells us her story, even though she says she fears retaliation.  "The reason I'm doing this is right and wrong."

Coleen Walker is telling the Troubleshooters why she's speaking out about the man she says she used to work for, Portland businessman Fred Rich.  "While you worked for Fred Rich, did he ask you to do something that you knew was illegal ?  Yes.  Did you do it ?  No."

Walker says she was Rich's accountant from November 2016 till May this year when she says he fired her over a disagreement over one of his tax returns.
"When I did his 2010 taxes, and he owed money, he went through the roof!  Not paying it.  Not doing it.  I've never paid taxes.  I'm not going to," she claims he told her.

Walker told us she bought a house in Portland from Rich for nearly $175,000.  But that the $4,400 down payment she claims she paid, is not reflected in any paperwork.

A common practice by Rich, according to Walker.  And remember, she worked for him.  "Well you worked for him.  Why didn't you say 'hey, what's going on here?'  Um, I really don't have an answer for that.  I guess I just thought it would work itself out."  But it hasn't.

Walker admits she hasn't made payments on the house since Rich fired her in May, and that Rich tried to foreclose on it.  "He's tried twice, but again, he has no balance.  I don't know how you can say somebody's behind, but you don't know how much?  And you just go and foreclose. People usually don't stand up to Fred.  Fred loves to sell or rent to people who don't understand, or they don't speak English," Walker claimed. 

"Fred should know that I know what's going on." said Walker.  Like Jesse Lopez, who also uncovered discrepancies in his contract with Rich, Walker has presented her information to several state and federal agencies.

"The state I think has a very good grip on it, and they're all over it.  The feds, they're trying to figure out money laundering, mail fraud, you know."  And Walker assures us that every one of her claims can be backed up with the information in she has on paper.

But she still fears Fred Rich.  "When he sees this on the news, and he sees you, do you fear retaliation?  The repercussions of all of this?" asked Andy Liscano.  "I'll be gone, but yeah I do," Walker replied. 

Walker has moved out of the house in Portland, but she called us saying Rich foreclosed on it Tuesday. The Troubleshooters confirmed that with the San Patricio County Tax office. 

Since our first story aired last week, many of you have contacted us with stories about your experiences with Fred Rich.  We have been to his Portland office "twice'" to give him an opportunity to tell us his side of these stories, but each time we've been told he isn't there.

We have left our contact information.  In our next report, we'll tell you how and Fred Rich became a convicted felon, and whether he has a license to do what he's doing.  

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