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Kitchen Cops: September 7th

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Kitchen Cops Kitchen Cops

Six restaurants earned a perfect score.

Whataburger located at 7434 Staples scored a 100.

Whataburger located at 4545 Violet scored a 100.

Whataburger located at 9402 Leopard scored a 100.

Ricky's Mexican Restaurant located at 528 Gordon scored a 100.

Papa Murphy's Pizza located at 5017 Saratoga scored a 100.

Good Golly Tamale & More located at 5647 Highway 44 scored a 100.

Earning a spot on the A- list with a 99 is The Chicken Shack located at 11174 Up River Road.

Papa Murphy's Pizza located at 4020 Weber scored a 98.

S&J Bakery located at 9802 Leopard scored a 97.

Sonic Annaville located at 11121 Leopard scored a 96.

Taqueria Jalisco #4 located at 5322 Everhart scored a 95.

Little Caesars located at 10529 South Padre Island Drive scored a 94.

Burger King located at 5288 Old Brownsville Road scored a 94.

Pizza Hut located at 3657 Leopard scored a 93.

Chuck-E-Cheese located at 5118 Staples scored a 90.

Dropping down to the B-list with an 87 is Johnny's Food To Go located at 521 Old Robstown Road.

Violations include gravy kept at the wrong temperature, food on the floor, home pest control products, rodent droppings, employees not wearing hair restraints, scoops with handles needed to dispense dry goods, scoop handles not stored properly and a ceiling tile needed to be replaced.

Boat N Net located at 1411 Port scored an 86.

Health inspectors found a freezer not working properly, fish kept at the wrong temperature, chemicals stored near condiments, no food manager present and all employees need food handler permits.

Other violators include gnats, employees not wearing hair restraints or beard restraints, employees must eat in a designated area, employee cups need lids, employees can not wear jewelry, grease build up behind equipment needs to be cleaned and the restroom doors must be self closing.

Now to the C-list.

Hermanos Solis Restaurant #2 located at 470 Old Robstown Road scored a 72.

The restaurant lost points because products in the refrigerator kept at the wrong temperature, chicken and tripe were thawed in the same container, raw chicken was stored above uncovered can of jalapenos, all knives need to be washed thoroughly before being stored on a clean knife rack and employees were wiping their hands on a common towel while on grill and not washing hands.
Other violations include an enamel spray container stored next to food, display refrigerators kept at the wrong temperature, leftover food not labeled, no thermometers, no paper towels, employee cups needed lids, employees not wearing beard restraints, wiping towels not stored properly, meat not thawed properly, scoops with handles needed to dispense dry goods, plastic spoons and utensils not stored properly and the women's restroom needs a trash can with a lid.

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