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Troubleshooters: Swimming Pool

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Dirty pool at center of neighbor dispute Dirty pool at center of neighbor dispute

Daryl Womack and Diane Epperson wanted to show us exactly what the problem is, as they see it, at the house on the 900 block of Oriole in Flour Bluff.
A swimming pool behind the house that sits between their houses on Oriole.  They worry about possible West Nile or Zika viruses coming from mosquitoes coming from the pool.  "Even though it's not clean, it's not safe," Womack told us.  

According to the Nueces County Appraisal District website, the property in question is owned by Bruce and Christy Malcolm.  We left our card on the gate to the Malcolm house and called a phone number we found for him, but didn't get a response. 

Womack and Epperson claim they called the Troubleshooters because they don't feel Code Enforcement, or other city departments, are doing enough to get this place cleaned up. "I've talked with code.  I've talked with the health department.  I've talked with the fire department because of the brush pile."  The brush pile is stacked up against Epperson's house, and she wants Malcolm to move it. "I needed to go to my doctor if that's what it was going to take and get something to get the health department involved.  I mean it's their job, like Code, to do this."

So we called Code Enforcement, they referred all questions to CCPD, so we called them.  And this is what they say Code Enforcement told them.
Yes, they've been to the house on Oriole three times since March.  On their second visit, the property was in compliance with Code requirements.  On their visit on May 2nd, the property was not in compliance.  

A certified letter, listing the necessary corrections was sent to the residents, and that Code and the health department would visit the property again today. The health department would be there specifically to check the swimming pool.  "What do you want?  I want the pool either cleaned and prepared so that they can be using it.  Or fill it in and cover it up," said Womack. 

Malcolm says he did not know Code Enforcement and the health department were showing up at his place Tuesday. He's also aware of the issues here.  So first, he'll move the brush away from Epperson's house by Wednesday.  Then, his plan is to have the pool filled with sand and covered by a new deck by the end of June. 

We did not get a return call from CCPD Tuesday, letting us know what Code and the health department found at the house on Oriole today. 

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