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First hand account of the devastation in Wimberley flood zone

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Home destroyed by floods in Wimberley, Texas Home destroyed by floods in Wimberley, Texas
CORPUS CHRISTI - It's hard to put into words what I witnessed in Wimberley during coverage from the floods along the Blanco River. The best way to describe it is unbelievable. There's still no word on those still missing in the flood zone, 7 are adults and children from Corpus Christi.

The sad news came out Wednesday that the body of Michelle Charba was found near Wimberley. She was with her family, parents and close friends at a home washed away by the river on Sunday.

Family and friends of the McCombs, Careys and Charbas gathered at the First Baptist Church to set up a search and rescue operation of their own with about 160 people from all across the country.

It was amazing how hopeful they remained despite the circumstances. The operation began Tuesday by splitting up into groups with each having a group leader. They each kept in contact with each other through cell phone and text messaging.

They had maps up on a wall so they wouldn't step on other search and rescue teams in the area.

If you met them, your heart would remain hopeful too. They shared amazing stories of each family member and told me that the families were people of faith.

They are praying every second of every day for their safe return. They are all there together, supporting each other during this difficult time.

During a tour of the worst hit parts of Wimberley we found people picking up what was left on their property. Everyone was quiet and respectful, the impact of the flooding on the vacation spot is obvious.

It's far worse when you see it in person. People's homes wiped out and  belongings everywhere. 

Officer Stacey told us the McComb's vacation home was found miles away. Yet the family dog was found not too far downstream from where the foundation still stands.

The river was moving quickly with clothes and other debris still heading downstream, including a car and a home lodged in the mud.

Another home in the area was still standing, yet gutted by the waters. It makes you shudder to wonder how it felt to be inside when it all happened.

There's something to say about the resilience of the people in town. The heart remains as the cleanup and recovery continues.

People with a smile were hugging each other to offer support. Wimberley residents are so strong, there is no doubt the town will recover but will be forever changed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the disaster.

  • Two of the 13 people who were missing as of yesterday afternoon have been found safe. Door-to-door emergency workers located those two persons who had been unable to communicate with authorities. 
  • Hays Co Sheriffs Office positively identified Jose Alvero Arteaga Pichardo and Michelle Charba (Corpus Christi)  A third victim has not been identified as DNA testing will be necessary to confirm the identity. 
  • Hays County received erroneous information that a Presidential Disaster Declaration had been received for Hays Co. That is not the case, rather the communication from the President's Office was one of "general support".

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