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Jul 17, 2013 11:10 PM by Morgan Frances - MFrances@kristv.com

Two Persons Of Interest In Judge's Suicide

CORPUS CHRISTI -The above photo is a 2006 picture of 36-year-old Albert Fuentes. Sheriff Jim Kaelin says they believe Fuentes was living with Judge Tom Greenwell recently and is one of two persons of interest who may know why he took his own life.

In 2006 Action 10 News did a story about the relationship between Judge Greenwell and Fuentes. Fuentes worked as Greenwell's law clerk before he took the bench in 2002.

In the 2006 interview, Greenwell said, "You know we all have family members and friends and they have problems and we try to cope with them."

Greenwell let Fuentes live in the house he owned at Sun Valley Estates. Fuentes lived there for over six years and had a very rocky history.

Police visited the residence a number of times and arrested Fuentes in 2003 for shooting his cousin during a heated argument.

Despite Fuentes' many run-ins with the law, however, Greenwell continually stuck by his side.

"At times he was like my son, at times I was his mentor," Greenwell said about Fuentes in 2006.

The judge let Fuentes stay rent-free, let him drive his car and once assigned Fuentes a generous bond of $5,000.

At the time Greenwell denied a conflict of interest with the convicted criminal. Today Sheriff Kaelin says the 36-year-old is just a person of interest; they're hoping he can shed some light on what drove Greenwell to take his own life.

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