May 20, 2013 9:13 PM by Andy Liscano

Troubleshooters: Wedding Planner Woes

CORPUS CHRISTI - All the people who signed up with Justin Lee Design to plan their weddings or quinceaneras, one of the biggest days of their lives, were all waiting for him, Justin Lee Olle, the wedding planner, at his business this morning because they want their money back.

"We have paid him, in full, $20,000." Darla Box told the Troubleshooters. She also told us her May 11th wedding day horror story, including the d-j not showing up. So she told us what Lee did. "So he had to postpone the wedding for 45 minutes just so he could find the music. And it had to come from our priest's I-phone," she recounted.

Gracie York's big day is soon, but she says she's found out Lee hasn't paid many of her vendors, so now she's having to plan her own wedding. "And you're getting married 4 weeks. 5 weeks. Yeah. So I'm really freaking out right now." She says Lee owes her $6,000.

The Troubleshooters went looking for Justin Lee Olle, first at the address we were given for where he lives. No one answered the door. Then we called the business number. It was disconnected. Then we called another number listed on the window of his business.

Olle insists he's spoken with his clients and explained why this is all happening and that they will get refunds.

"I'm just at the point where all I wanna do is give these people their money back, that way they're happy and that way I don't cause any more issues with their big day 'cause I already understand that I've already made some mistakes," he admitted.

Lee said he's doing this buy selling off some of his things and getting loans.

We checked further and found Justin Lee Olle has a criminal record going back to 2006 that includes misdemeanors for theft by check. A felony for forgery. And 35 days behind bars.

But today...he told the Troubleshooters, "I plan to have everybody a full refund tomorrow, if not by Wednesday the latest."


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