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Dec 31, 2013 5:16 PM

Top Stories Of 2013 In Corpus Christi

2013 was a year filled with all kind of news. From an explosion that rocked our city to a prom king with a heart of gold, here are the top stories of the year:

A quiet Friday morning in July quickly turned into chaos after a house on Holmes Drive exploded. The blast was felt miles away. What was later discovered to be a natural gas explosion destroyed several homes and took the life of 60-year-old Bob Farley. 25-year-old Ryan Conner also suffered severe burns but survived.

Mike Obenhaus was eating breakfast nearby when he and another friend heard the explosion and ran to help. "Probably the craziest thing I've ever been a part of," he said, "I started crying once it all happened. Seeing blood and people sliced up and kids crying."

Tragedy rocked the Nueces County Courthouse in July after a cleaning crew found 57-year-old judge Tom Greenwell dead inside his chambers. Investigators ruled his shooting death as a suicide. David Stith replaced Greenwell in September.

Longtime Action 10 News anchor Walter Furley passed away in 2013. Many remembered Furley as a funny man, a news man, a family man, but above all, the man with the golden voice. He succumbed to a tough battle with cancer at the age of 84.

Multiple hit-and-run accidents prompted Corpus Christi police to roll out a campaign to protect pedestrians. In March, a hit-and-run accident left teenager, Christian Carrillo in critical condition. That same month, a hit and run on Ocean Drive left a local attorney badly injured. Since then, police have been on the lookout for people on their cell phones while driving.

In September Haas Middle School students were stunned with the unexpected death of one of their classmates. Cameron Espinosa died after he was bit by ants during a middle school football game. C.C.I.S.D. is considering having epinephrine pens available at school functions.

The Corpus Christi community stepped forward to help one of its own this year after learning that an elderly woman was living outside her home without electricity or running water. Volunteers stepped up to clean the house of 97-year-old Tines Sosa. After seeing our story on the news, her granddaughter stepped in to take care of her.

The project years in the making! Destination Bayfront finally faced its day on the ballot. Voters voiced their opinion on the project with a resounding "no" when they rejected the $44 million bond proposal to help fund Destination Bayfront. When the votes were counted, 65 percent of voters voted against the project.

A royal gesture from a Miller High School prom king gained national attention.

CBS evening news reporter Steve Hartman visited Miller High School to interview seniors Tyrell Clay and Adam Chadwick.

"This is the story of two boys who go to the same high school in Corpus Christi, TX," Hartman's story began.

The two teens had nothing in common until the senior prom when Tyrell, who was elected prom king, handed his crown to Adam.

"I could see like the disappointment in his face," Tyrell Clay said, "He was like really red, and he was looking down to the ground and I was like, 'he deserves this more than me.'"

One fisherman had the surprise of a lifetime when he caught an 11'4" tiger shark right off the beach near Packery Channel. After three and a half hours of both luck and skill, they finally reeled in their beast. The fishermen were able to tag the nearly record-breaking shark and release it back into the Gulf of Mexico, but not before taking the money shot picture.

To wrap up the top stories of 2013 was probably the strangest traffic stop an officer ever expected. Aransas Pass Police Officer Keith Moore was writing someone a ticket when a monkey hiding in the back seat went bananas! The mammal lunged forward and attacked the officer's hand and the camera attached to his glasses caught it all on tape!

"His monkey attacked me!" Moore said over the recording to his sergeant. "what?" his sergeant responded as he began to laugh. Moore replied, "He's got a monkey and it attacked my hand!"

We met up with the monkey's owner who says April is very friendly. In fact, the 13 year old Capuchin monkey doesn't even have teeth.

"I kept going, 'oh honey, not a police officer please please!'" the owner recalled.

April's owner got a ticket.

April got international attention.

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