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Apr 1, 2014 7:12 PM by Jessica Holley - jholley@kristv.com

Tattoo Misprint: Who's To Blame?

CORPUS CHRISTI - You've heard of tattoo horror stories, inked masterpieces not coming out as planned. But who's to blame for the mistake? Is it the artist or the customer who approved the sketch and didn't speak up?

Spell check didn't catch this mistake. No red squiggly line letting Taylor Rodriguez or the tattoo artist know there was an error. But there it lies a permanent reminder of the misprint made on her 18th birthday last Sunday.

A closer look at the tattoo and you see that tomorrow is spelled with 2 "m's". A mistake discovered too late.

"The receptionist comes around and they go 'you have a misspelled word.' And I was like 'what'! And Don was like 'what? What word is misspelled?' And they were like 'tomorrow has two 'm's and it's only supposed to have one 'm'. And he was like, 'you approved it. That's not my fault.'," says Taylor Rodriguez.

Rodriguez agrees she's not completely blameless, but says she felt rushed and pressured to approve the work by the artist at Axis Tattoo.

"I should have said something, but I was so anxious to get it too. I do, I messed up on that part. I do know. But he never once told me sorry. All he kept saying is that it was my fault," says Rodriguez.

The shop owner told Action 10 News by phone everything in the store is recorded for situations like this. She says the video shows Rodriguez approving the artwork, meaning by the contract Rodriguez signed the job was completed.

The parlor did offer to pay for a cover up, laser removal, and give her a full refund. All options, though, were turned down by Rodriguez.


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