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Aug 1, 2013 6:09 PM by Morgan Frances - MFrances@kristv.com

Tall Grass An Eyesore On Peabody Avenue

CORPUS CHRISTI - A house on Peabody Avenue is so overrun with tall grass, the neighbors say something must be done. Code Enforcement has visited the house before but the owner of the house isn't keeping up the property. Leonard Mack moved from California into his house just three days ago.

"I got online and found a place open and I thought I better get it," Mack said.

When he got to his house, however, and looked next door, he was appalled.

"Oh my God," Mack said reliving his reaction, "No! And I didn't know about mosquitoes until about that evening," he said.

Mack's next door neighbor happened to be an abandoned house, completely overgrown with grass and littered with dead foliage. The brush attracts a whole slew of animals not to mention the mosquitoes.

The grass is so long, the sidewalk is barely visible, the boards to the home are rotting, there's garbage thrown in the backyard and, on top of that, the windows that are supposed to be boarded up, are not.

"Yup, if I can get a little bit of help, I'll mow it down," Mack said.

We contacted Code Enforcement officials who said they cleaned this property in April and have a work order to do it again today.

"Today they're just going to mow it," Burl Smith said, "They should be trimming this tree that's fallen over here and clean up any trash that's in the yard."

Smith says last time they went into the home, they saw dirty clothes and garbage all over the place.

"I think there's people that have been sneaking in there," he said, "About a month and a half ago, the front door was open."

Which brings up the question as to whether the house and property on Peabody are worth saving.

"You could probably push that house and it'll fall over," Mack said.

Smith says the Code Enforcement board is expected to look at the specs of the home in a month or so and make a decision on if they should demolish it.

In just a few hours crews cleaned the foliage around the house on Peabody to find the foliage was completely trimmed.

The front and backyard that were previously overgrown with grass were all cleared up and the sidewalk that wasn't visible before is now clear for pedestrians.

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