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Sep 5, 2013 4:17 PM by Morgan Frances - MFrances@kristv.com

Study: 'Millennial' Generation Most Educated Ever

CORPUS CHRISTI - The millennial generation, people generally born in 1980 or later, is known as the entitlement generation but research claims this age group is on track to be the most educated generation in history.

"We're lazy. We take things for granted."
"We're not going to do anything."

These are not comments Millennials or generation Y haven't heard before, that their generation is known for feeling entitled to things and is lazy but a pew research study says this generation is on track to be the most educated generation ever.

Dr. Susan Elwood, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, said, "We see some of it as the age of entitlement but there's also that, 'I want greater purpose behind what I'm learning.'"

Elwood says this generation wants, more than generations in the past, to pursue a meaningful career path and education than convenient ones. While there are no precise dates as to when Generation Y or the Millennial generation starts and ends, the general public tends to use the birth dates of the early 1980's to early 2000's.

When asked if he could describe what the millennial generation is, 18-year-old Nicholas Solis said, "Millennial generation. I don't even know what that is."
David Lopez, also 18, guessed his generation was called "generation zero."

18-year-old Lorenzo Diaz said he didn't know what his generation was called while his friend, Josh Hester said he had heard of the term Millennial before.

While these Millennials didn't know what their generation is called, they all knew what their generation is known for: technology.

"Our generation grew up with all sorts of electronics," Nicholas Solis said.

The Pew study doesn't compare Grade Point Averages between the generations but says Millennials are seeking higher forms of education than their parents or grandparents.

"College education is the new high school education in terms of everyone supposed to drive through college," Elwood said.

She added just about anyone can criticize Millennials and they're text-while walking, listening to music while studying, multitasking lifestyles. Some would say these young adults are doing what any other generation has done in the past, however, accepting the technological advances in this world and rolling with the punches.

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