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Sep 30, 2013 11:33 AM

Store Owner Charged with Murder

CORPUS CHRISTI - The owner of a convenience store has already appeared before a judge on a charge of murder. Rodney Duve is accused of shooting a man who stole some beer from his shop on S. Staples near Del Mar College.

Police say a known gang member walked into the store on Saturday night, grabbed a couple packs of beer and tried to walk out without paying.

Investigators say Duve shot the man before he could get away. Police are not releasing the victim's identity.

One man who lives right across the street from where the shooting happened says that most of the time it's a quiet neighborhood, but it's not always safe after dark.

"I don' think it was a reason to take a life for two cases of beer when the person was almost outside," he told us.

A friend of the store owner says he probably would have done the same thing and that the Duve is a good man and a hard worker.


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