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Jul 1, 2013 6:37 PM by Jessica Holley - jholley@kristv.com

Recent Problems with Nudity on Beaches

KLEBERG COUNTY - Kleberg County deputies caught six people naked on the beach on Friday afternoon.

Those baring it all were received citations for disorderly conduct.

That stretch of beach is just south of Bob Hall Pier and known for hosting sunbathers in the nude.

It's understandable why some may think that stretch of shoreline is a designated nude beach, because online multiple travel sites recommend that area for people looking to bare all.

Despite these postings though, it is illegal.

It could be the perfect spot to sport the "au naturale" look on the beach. It's quiet and remote, which is why often those looking for an extra breeze between their legs shed more than their cover up when at this beach.

Beachcombers Eunice Ganer and her husband come across more than just shells and seaweed along this Kleberg County shoreline.

"Usually what they will do is they'll have their doors open or something to hide that they are nude, for the generally public but sometimes they don't. I guess they've had a few too many and they just walk right out," says Garner.

Kleberg County deputies say they've even caught a man wearing nothing but a smile while fishing in these waters.

"I've seen it way the heck down there on the beach. Nothing you want to see, more like the Winter Texans. I've seen the Winter Texans down there too," says local fisherman Will Sanchez.

Beachgoers call this area no man's land even where coyotes like to hang out and Sheriff's deputies would have to come all the way up from Kingsville to respond to anyone nude on the beach.

"It's a long way from Kingsville for them to bring law enforcement over here so that's why they will go down here," says Garner.

Deputies randomly patrol the beach working to cut down on nudity, but the extended travel time from going throughdi Nueces County to get back down to the Kleberg County section of beach prevents them from being out on the beach as often as they'd like.

They do make it clear, however, that there are no nude beaches in Klegerg County.

In the state of Texas, you must always be wearing bottoms while at the beach. As for tops, it varies depending on the city. On all Corpus Christi beaches, women must wear a top, but in Port Aransas, the city says you can be topless as long as you are being discreet and not drawing attention.


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