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Aug 27, 2013 3:24 PM by Morgan Frances - MFrances@kristv.com

LSD Drug Bust In Aransas County

ARANSAS PASS - Undercover D.E.A. agents and Aransas County Sheriffs raided this mobile home on Monday night. A tip lead them to believe the people inside were dealing drugs but they didn't know exactly how much they'd come across until they started unloading the drugs in the early hours of this morning. Sheriffs arrested 25-year-old Matthew Ivy along with 22-year-old Stephanie Olivarez for possession of synthetic marijuana and DEA agents from Corpus Christi and Houston searched the home. Inside, agents found synthetic marijuana and the drug LSD along with other drug paraphernalia.

They found a stack of colorful papers that had smaller perforated squares which, the Aransas County Sheriff said, would have been doused with LSD, torn off and sold for $20 a piece.

The 12 hour raid required agents to dress in HAZMAT suits since the drugs they were dealing with could permeate the skin and have damaging effects.

Agents packaged up scales, the LSD, money, food coloring bottles supposedly filled with drugs, beakers, syringes and synthetic marijuana. All of that will head to the Corpus Christi Crime Lab where investigators will process the evidence and adjust Olivarez and Ivy's charges appropriately.

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