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Jun 24, 2013 5:03 PM by Caroline Flores - cflores@kristv.com

Landscaping Alternative to Keep Yards Green During the Drought

CORPUS CHRISTI - While most everyone's yards may be showing signs that summer is here, one family's yard is staying healthy and green. This is because they have redone their entire landscape by Xeriscaping. Which means they have replaced everything in their yard with plants and grass that require less watering. They're called water wise plants.

"Sometimes when you think of a Xeriscape or water wise landscape you might think it might be drab, but as you can see it's colorful and beautiful and tropical and goes with Corpus Christi," said Becky VanBeveren.

Before she got water wise plants she had to water at least 3 times a week to keep everything green. Now she only has to water once a week for 15 minutes and her yard looks like this.

"I feel like I'm helping my city out by not using so much water," said VanBeveren.

Even with our new water restrictions Becky will still have a tropical get away just outside her door. If her view isn't enough, her new plants are also helping her family save quite a bit of money. After incorporating all of these water wise plants into their landscape, the family says their water bill has reduced by about $200 a month.

Xeriscape plants are very low maintenance and Becky says her new oasis will be around for years to come, drought or no drought.

"We all want to enjoy our yards and have a beautiful place to be out doors, and it's possible," said VanBeveren

Even if you can't afford a full lawn make over like Becky, workers at most gardening stores can work with you and your budget to help make your landscape as water efficient as possible.

To see a full presentation on Xeriscaping click - HERE.

To see the seven principles of Xeriscaping and a list of water wise plants for the Coastal Bend click - HERE.


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