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Sep 3, 2013 2:51 PM by Morgan Frances - MFrances@kristv.com

Hope Fades In Search For Missing Fisherman

SEADRIFT - Today a sort of eerie silence settled over the waters of San Antonio Bay in the small town of Seadrift. A five-day search for a missing fisherman has only turned up some body parts, but not enough for a positive identification. Texas Parks and Wildlife is sending the remains off for DNA testing.

62-year-old Joseph Ames lives in Bay City with his wife, Margie. Retired, he often visits his home in Seadrift for some fishing in San Antonio Bay.

"He fishes just about every day," said fisherman at the boat landing, Neal Crumely, "He went out with a friend lots of times but he did a lot of fishing by himself."

Crumely says Ames would call his his wife every night around 9:00.

"Tell her how he was feeling that day, how he was fishing, what fish he caught," Crumely listed.

She waited for his call but one night, the phone didn't ring. Joseph Ames wife hadn't heard from him since Tuesday night and when Friday afternoon rolled around, she became worried and decided to call authorities.

"When he didn't check in with her for a couple of days, she sent her step son down to check on him and that's when everything got started that he was missing," Crumely said.

The Corpus Christi Coast Guard found Ames' boat anchored just off shore. His cell phone was inside but he wasn't. His wife said they have recovered parts of her husband's body and shreds of his clothes but not him. Fishermen in the area are starting to think the worst.

"They don't know exactly what happened but they see some fairly large alligators in that area but to say that an alligator got him for sure, can't say that," Crumely said.

Margie Ames said the Coast Guard called off their search while the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife continued its efforts on Tuesday. While hope of recovering his body is fading, the fear of not knowing what happened to this avid fisherman will stick in the minds of his loved ones forever.

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