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Sep 12, 2013 7:15 PM

Football Player Suffers Severe Reaction to Ant Bites

CORPUS CHRISTI - A Haas Middle School football player is in critical condition not because of a football injury, but because he was bitten by ants during a game Wednesday night.

Cameron Espinosa, 13, is in Driscoll Children's Hospital. According to his mother's Facebook posts, Cameron survived the night, but doctors are keeping his body temperature low to keep him alive. That's typical procedure for someone placed in a medically induced coma.

It'll be a rough 24 hours as doctors try to relieve pressure on the brain.

What happened on the field was traumatic for Cameron's family, teammates and onlookers. The principal says the team was in a halftime huddle when Cameron starting yelling that he was being bitten by ants.

"The coach said 'get a water bottle and spray yourself off.' So that's what he was doing. But then, as coach kept talking and trying to lead the team, that's when he started with the grimacing and like yelling out in pain. It was obvious he was in pain," says Principal Lynda Ann De Leon.

At some point Cameron collapsed on the field. She says 9-1-1 was called and the player was rushed by ambulance to the hospital.

"He's not good. He is critical. We're trying to prepare the kids for anything that may happen. Just trying to be very honest with them that he is in critical condition. And so we just need a lot of prayers right now," says Dr. De Leon.

The school held a rally and prayer session for Cameron this morning.

The field behind Haas will not be used until CCISD ensures the ants are under control. Tonight's PTA open house and other events at Haas have been postponed.


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