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Aug 2, 2013 6:12 PM by Andy Liscano

Chupacabra Sighting!

FALFURRIAS - David Galindo's taxidermy work, especially on a 500 pound hog, has been featured by Texas Parks and Wildlife. But he's always wanted to add the mythical Chupacabra to his body of work.

Just last month, a man says he spotted one in his backyard looking for food, so he shot it. A photo provided to Action 10 News shows the strange animal having an encounter with a cat before it was killed.

Galindo spoke with us about hunting for the Chupacabra. "Oh, I've been doing it all my life. I've been wanting one so bad. I almost cried when they said they shot it and just left it there."

Galindo figures this one was a baby, weighing about 20 pounds. "If it was an older one, obviously these teeth would be worn down a little bit. (as) you age your teeth wear down. These are still pretty white and still pretty sharp."

He showed us a picture of another one killed near Blanco is full grown Galindo says.

News of the Chupacabra sighting spread quickly through Falfurrias. People tell us they don't think there's anything mythical or out of the ordinary, they just don't believe its a Chupacabra.

Veterinarian Mike Vickers knows a Chupacabra when he sees one. "No hair. Kind of a bald head. Fits the profile a Chupacabra."

Galindo says it'll be about a month before he puts it together again. Then he'll turn it over to a museum or whoever wants to display it.

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