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Jul 8, 2013 7:36 PM by Jessica Holley - jholley@kristv.com

Accidental Discharge Kills Aransas Pass Man

ARANSAS PASS - a night of working on a truck turns deadly when a friend's handgun goes off, killing a man. It happened Sunday night as a group of friends in Aransas Pass were winding down their holiday weekend barbecuing outside.

Friends of Fodie Green the man who died last night call the events that unfolded,a freak accident.

Green's shoe still sits next to the truck he worked on Sunday night Green had gone over to his friend's Jerald Maynard home with Billy Gay to work on Maynard's work truck brakes. The men needed to lift the truck up, so Gay got the jack out of his trunk.

Inside the trunk he not only removed the jack, but also a hand gun he'd stored too.

"He went to break it open to see if it was loaded, when he went to break it open the gun went off, shot through his hand," says Maynard.

That shot then struck Green right in the neck.

G's blood still stains this driveway where his body laid until help arrived. Maynard said he stayed here with Green the entire time applying pressure to the wound to help him survive.

"I saw my husband fall to the ground first and hold his head and I thought he had got hit. And when I looked up I saw that it was Fodie," says Carla Maynard, Jerald's wife.

Carla Maynard and her friend immediately called 911. While the 911 dispatcher was talking with the friend, Maynard took off to flag down help.

"Me and Anthony took off running because the police station is down the road and we didn't know what to do so we just took off running to try to get help," says Carla Maynard.

The Maynard say Billy Gay, the man who fired the gun, had known Green for more than a decade.

"He's really tore up. Like I say they were really close, every where Billy went Fodie went," says Jerald Maynard.

Gay is now out of the hospital recovering from his hand injury.

Police tell us no charges have been filed against Gay since the investigation is ongoing.


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