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Nov 4, 2014 11:19 PM

Greg Abbot Wins Texas Governor's Race

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Governor-elect Greg Abbott said that as Texas goes, so goes the rest of the United States and the world. Elected by wide margins Tuesday night over Democrat Wendy Davis, Abbott told his victory party in Austin that Texans had voted for "hope over fear." He called... Read Story

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Nov 4, 2014 7:08 PM

GOP Wins 4 Senate Races, Haley Re-elected

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been re-elected to his Senate seat from Kentucky. And he will now be waiting to learn whether he might be the majority leader in the new Congress. McConnell defeated Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes in an election that McConnell called a referendum... Read Story

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Nov 4, 2014 4:39 PM

Republicans Seek Senate Control, Bigger House Edge

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republicans challenged Democrats for control of the Senate and sought to pad their majority in the House on Tuesday in elections shaped by widespread voter discontent with President Barack Obama. Big-state Democratic governors in New York and California sought new terms, and challengers tested Republican incumbents in... Read Story

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Nov 3, 2014 3:25 PM

Texas GOP Set to Continue 20-year Winning Streak

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Every major statewide office will get a new occupant after Election Day, the biggest shake-up of Texas politics in decades. But since Republicans look likely to continue a longest-in-the-nation statewide election winning streak that stretches back 20 years, not much should change in terms of policy.... Read Story

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